About Us


How it all began

Storefront established in 2018. 

11 years ago, our business started in our basement in a small 12 x 12 room. It then expanded to our entire basement, which then grew into a store. We are extremely thankful for every one of our customers. They make our dreams come true.


Our Passion

We are a high end breeder company who specializes in African Cichlids and Ball Pythons. Breeding for the best traits and genetic health, we will never compromise your investment. 


I have a passion for quality and love to see life be created. I found my calling for breeding fish and have done it well. We then transitioned into breeding ball pythons and their food supply, which has been another very exciting program for us. Color mutations and the random "What will you get?!" is really exciting. I love helping customers create their dream aquascapes or providing them with a top-quality dream animal. Please feel free to reach out to us so we can help you today!

DOA Policy

Live Arrival Guarantee

Fish are to be delivered on time, no delay via shipping company. 

Receiver must report any issues within 1 hour, if under 40 degrees outside temperature.

2 hours if above 40 degrees. 

Full refund, including shipping, for full DOA package.

If there is a mix of DOA and live fish, only the DOA fish will be refunded, not shipping.

Photos are required for any and all refunds in unopened bags, unless instructed otherwise by me.  

Word of Advice

We do NOT advise you to float your fish due to the nature of African Cichlids. If you have any questions on how to best add your fish to your collection, please ask!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I do everything possible to make you as the customer receive live fish at all times. There is the rare occurrence that an accident may happen, which is why I have a straight forward policy to protect my customers.